Subway Store Manager - Greencastle

1750 E. Indianapolis Rd. Greencastle, IN 46135

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Position Description

To function under the supervision of your District Manager and the owner of Estep & Company Inc. in regards to our Subway store. The manager is required to supervise all personnel who are assigned to your store within the guidelines, philosophies, and objectives of the company. In order to promote its growth, profitability and success with respect to the following areas: self, customer, community and company employees. The manager will ensure that compliance is met with all federal, state and local laws and ethical business practices.
Position Requirements
The manager must possess at least a high school diploma or GED with a minimum of two years’ experience as a manager or a minimum of a two year degree at a credited college. A manager must be available for nights, weekends and holidays. The manager must be well organized and effectively follow directions. Manager must be neat, clean and in full uniform while working in or around the store; must be able to work at the location when needed and be responsible for his/her transportation. Manager must be honest in his/her dealings with any personnel in the company; must have a cell phone where he/she can be reached regularly.
Work Environment
• Must be able to bend and stand for a long period of time.
• Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
• Must be able to work a minimum of 45 hours a week, for some managers 50 hours a week.
• Must successfully complete a background check and drug screen.
The specific areas for which the manager is responsible are, but are not limited to, the following:
• Completes and posts staff work schedules and shares with their District Manager in a timely manner.
• Maintains business records. Analyzes business records to increase sales.
• Communications changes of food preparations, formulas, standards, etc. to staff.
• Supports local and national health and food safety codes are maintained and company safety and security policy and money handling are followed.
• Recruits, rewards, and terminates staff as needed.
Ensure or Manages Control of All Costs
Manager will assist the employees with all available tools to control costs to the proper and acceptable levels (Food Costs, Labor Costs, Inventory, Cash Control, Utilities and Equipment Repair). Duties will include but are not limited to the following: Ensure proper portioning and formulas on all food items, ensure proper inventorying, ensure stock rotation, tracking labor usage, adding and deleting hours according to sale levels, proper cash register training and coupon handling. The manager will be responsible for all products leaving and coming into the store. Estep & Company employees are not permitted to take any product out of the store without permission from their District Manager or Director of Operations. The manager will be held accountable for his or her usage adjustments on a weekly basis. The manager will maintain proper safety measures are taken when money is transported to the bank. Maintain all video equipment and the use thereof.
Ensure Quality Service, Quality of Product and Cleanliness
The manager is responsible for assisting all employees with meeting and exceeding Subway Operational Standards. The manager must also assist with establishing and enforcing additional standards to deal with store needs, problems and opportunities for excellence. The manager will be responsible for prompt courteous service by all employees to include verbal and nonverbal communication with customers.
Managers will be evaluated each month by Corporate Subway Inspectors. Corporate Subway Inspectors expect managers to direct their staff to ensure that food safety (dating), product preparation, and cleanliness standards are maintained. Estep & Company Inc. holds their managers accountable for the inspections of their store. If a manager/store receives an out of compliance on any inspection, that manager will be coached on ways to improve the next inspection. If areas of the previous inspections are not corrected by the next inspection and the manager/store receives their second out of compliance, disciplinary action can and will lead to termination
Executes Human Resources
The manager must assist their District Manager with recruitment, training, discipline, development, evaluations, and termination of all employees. The manager will be responsible for scheduling, maintaining a high level of employee morale and keeping employee turnover at acceptable levels.
The manager will be responsible for assuring proper preventative maintenance of buildings and equipment. The manager will alert their District Manager of potential malfunctions and/or remedies. In the event that your District Manager cannot be contacted, careful consideration will be given to how critical the repair is and how cost effective it is for the company.
Training and Development
It is the responsibility of the manager to effectively communicate with all his/her subordinates. Also it is very important that a daily dialogue be kept with the district manager, assistant manager, and office.
The manager is responsible for keeping accurate, complete, and timely records. Also in ensuring Federal, State, and Local laws are adhered in the stores at all times. It is the responsibility of the manager to keep records of all infractions with employees and keep accurate documentation of any warnings of such infractions. The manager is responsible for keeping accurate, complete, organized and timely records, including but not limited to:
• All documentation of any warnings
• Inventory Sheets (Weekly/Month End)
• WISR Forms
• Schedules